3 Ways to Increase the Lifespan of Industrial Filters

By Katie Kelly
July 29, 2015

The replacement of industrial filters, such as drum filters and dust filters, can weigh heavily on overall operational costs and increase a company’s carbon footprint. That’s why companies constantly search for better, more cost-effective and longer-lasting solutions for their dry filtration systems. With longer-wearing filtration solutions, companies can not only comply with emissions regulations but also save thousands of dollars on replacement costs.


There are several ways by which companies can extend the lifespan of their industrial filters and obtain these benefits. Below are some of them:

  • Installing smart controllers. Industrial filter cleaning is often done with no consideration for the system’s operational efficiency. As a result, systems pulse when they are not required to, leading to premature deterioration of bags and energy wastage. With a smart controller constantly monitoring the performance of a system, pulse cleaning cycles are triggered only when necessary. This protects filter bags from unnecessary pulsing and wear and gives you significant savings in energy and money.
  • Periodic maintenance. Apart from regular industrial filter cleaning, regular maintenance can also help maximise the use of filter media. This is especially true for dust collectors. With proper maintenance, you can have improved systems efficiency which places less pressure on your filter media. By having your systems regularly inspected and serviced, you can also:
    • Anticipate possible issues before they arise, avoiding unplanned downtimes and their costs
    • Lower overall operating costs
    • Reduce safety hazards
    • Ensure compliance to environmental regulations
  • Choosing a custom filter solution. As the popular and proven adage goes, prevention is better than cure. In this case, selecting the right filter medium from the start can ensure that you gain the most usage and value from it. By choosing innovative solutions like SOLAFT’s StarBags™ with expanded surface areas, or a custom filtration solution that’s made specifically for your needs and working environment, you can be assured of superior, long-lasting performance and the most value for your money.

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