5 Industries that Rely on our Filtration Solutions

By Katie Kelly
November 17, 2016

Filtration is something that many people take for granted, but without the right filtration systems and products, there are a huge number of industries that would simply be unable to operate.

The right filtration solution is essential for preventing contamination and protecting machinery by removing potentially harmful particles that shouldn’t be there. It’s also an important part of protecting the environment and reducing air pollution.

There are many types of filtration solutions used for different industries. Here are five industries that would be unable to manage without filtration.

1.    Cement manufacture.

Cement is essential for construction and it forms a major part of most building projects in Australia and around the world. Anyone who has worked in construction will know that dust is a problem, and if it’s not managed adequately, it can impact machinery and the environment as well. Dust filters are a major part of the cement manufacturing process, and have been for decades.

2.    Food and beverage.

Preventing contamination is a serious business in the food industry. With some of the strictest hygiene standards in the world, specifically designed filters are essential to maintain the appropriate level of cleanliness for most food and beverage-based businesses.

3.    Smelting and metals.

Emissions control legislation means that dust has to be regulated carefully in the metal and smelting industries. This can be a challenge due to the number of hazardous chemicals that are used in the industry and the high temperatures required. Without high performance filter technologies, including drum filters and other dust collectors, it would be difficult to ensure the safe and smooth operation of machinery in these industries.

4.    Power generation.

Coal-fired power generators are a major source of power around Australia and they are required by law to maintain low emission ratings. Unfortunately, they also need to maintain productivity, which means that they need custom-made filter media. Our products can help them comply with emission ratings legislation without having to slow down production.

5.    Timber and building.

Timber and building manufacturers often struggle to find a balance between controlling dust in the environment to protect their staff and reducing the potential for downtime. This can be achieved through our filtration solutions and we have been working with leading timber and building manufacturers for over 45 years.

The right filtration solutions are a big part of so many industries, and without them, it would be difficult for many manufacturing businesses to meet emissions standards without damaging their productivity.

Whatever industry you’re in, effective filtration from Solaft can help you protect your assets and your employees, as well as helping to minimise your environmental impact.