About Filtration Solutions

About Us

SOLAFT Filtration Solutions is an Australian headquartered environmental solutions company. We have been supplying high performance customised filtration solutions and products to the heavy industrial sector around the world since 1966. We proudly service our customers through 10 points of presence across the Americas, Asia and Oceania and more broadly through our distributor network around the world.

SOLAFT specialise in supplying filter bags for exhaust gas emissions abatement and liquid filtration consumables for process filtration and dewatering applications, with a particular emphasis on the coal fired power generation, aluminium and alumina industries.

We understand that our customers’ needs and expectations change over time due to internal and external operational and environmental requirements. Rather than resisting or ignoring this reality, SOLAFT is completely orientated around embracing this evolution by building best practice capability in:

  • Understanding our customers’ problems and objectives
  • Designing and manufacturing customised filtration products to the highest quality standards
  • Supporting the deployment and operation of these products on our customers’ sites.

This approach ensures that our customers reliably and consistently achieve lower emissions, better gas and liquid flow rates, higher processing volumes, longer filter life and more machine uptime.

Our success is based on our vertical integration from solution design through to production of specialised yarn and finished product. Our trusted reputation is built on strict quality control measures and the vast technical expertise of our more than 250 staff across textiles, filtration and heavy industrial operations. Together these enable us to engineer unique solutions for our customers’ needs to delivering optimum reliability and value.


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