Back Flush Filters

Back flush filters, such as Diastar filters, are used in a variety of industrial applications, and are typically complex in structure. SOLAFT has developed proprietary fabric finished on custom designed automated fabrication machines.

Advantages of SOLAFT Back Flush filters
Back flush filter - Diastar
  • High filtrate quality
  • Chemical resistant
  • Reduced media abrasion
  • Excellent strength and dimensional stability
Features and typical operating parameters of Solaft Diastar filters
Back flush filters - Diastar
  • 200 to 600 kPa pressure
  • 95-110⁰C temperature
  • Feed liquor with low concentrations of very fine particles (5-10μm at 100-200mg/L)
  • Typical target filtrate < 10 mg/L with most reaching < 5 mg/L
  • Range of fabrics – typically use Polypropylene or Nylon media, primarily with monofilament yarn