Water Pre-Treatment Solutions

Many industrial and commercial water systems are not designed to manage high concentrations of impurities or high levels of suspended or dissolved solids. Therefore, proper pre-treatment plays a critical role in the performance, life expectancy and the overall operating costs of these systems.

SOLAFT Water Solutions address each of these issues by utilising the unique and patented UET Chemfree reactor technology for feed water pre-treatment without the need for chemical additives.

SOLAFT Water Solutions technology prevents scale, corrosion and bio-contamination in feed lines and downstream equipment.  Our technology provides a wide range of protection to ensure good quality of the water including:

  • Fe removal
  • Mn removal
  • Suspended solids reduction
  • Disinfection

SOLAFT Water Solutions for pre-treatment of feedwater for reverse osmosis plants reduces the scaling of reverse osmosis membranes thereby improving the flow of water and reducing energy costs. The process also enables a substantial reduction in reverse osmosis reject water, and the small quantity released contains no harmful chemicals.

To see how SOLAFT Water Solutions can design a chemical free water pre-treatment system for your specific needs, please contact us.