Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Removal of suspended solids and emulsified oils is an important issue when aiming to produce healthy and aesthetic water, reduce the costs of waste water discharge and meet discharge regulations. Particles in the final water affect other quality parameters such as microbial stability and disinfection by-products.

Micro organisms can be shielded by the suspended particles and hence lead to risks of inadequate disinfection efficiency, especially if ultraviolet light (UV) is being used. Traditional treatment methods which add chemical coagulants can increase the resultant waste solids volume.

Mechanical filtration addresses only two issues in water: removal of suspended solids larger than 30 µm and removal of free oil and grease. Emulsified oil and grease cause damage to the media filters, resulting in very high maintenance costs.

Electrocoagulation addresses any size of suspended solids (including destructive >30 µm) particles and heavy metals that can cause wear-and-tear on pressure washers and pose an environmental and employee hazard.  Other electrocoagulation techniques utilise a sacrificial anode which unnecessarily inflates electrical consumption costs, imposes anode consumption operating costs, and increases total waste solids volume.

SOLAFT Water Solutions utilises the unique and patented UET Chemfree reactor technology for electrocoagulation of suspended solids or emulsified oils without the need for chemical additives or sacrificial anodes.

SOLAFT Water Solutions offer a reliable alternative to traditional chemical and mechanical wastewater treatment methods.  The benefits achieved are:

  • Removal of suspended solids
  • Removal of emulsified oils
  • Elimination of the need for chemical coagulants
  • Elimination of the need for sacrificial anodes in electrocoagulation
  • Lower electrical costs compared to other electrocoagulation systems
  • Lower wastewater disposal costs given removal of additives from the discharge to the sewage and to the environment


To see how SOLAFT Water Solutions can design a chemical free waste water system for your specific needs, please contact us. 

SOLAFT Filtration Solutions holds accreditation for ISO Guide 9001: Supply and Manufacture of Filtration Fabrics, Filter Bags and Belting Products. The specific requirements of this accreditation focus on the quality control of the production process, technical support and finished product. These are unique to SOLAFT Filtration Solutions and were gained through SGS, Australia’s accreditation body.

Our technical team of scientists and engineers has decades of experience in industrial filtration and is on hand to help you when you need it. With 45 years of experience in providing industrial filtration to a broad range of industries, we have built an enviable bank of knowledge which enables us to provide insightful industrial filtration solutions to our customers. Our technical teams love a challenge. From ways to increase your load and decrease emissions to a simpler way to install a filter to reduce downtime, we will work with you to develop the best solution for your business.