Callide C4 baghouse

SOLAFT recently successfully completed the change-out for CS Energy – Callide C4 baghouse

What Made This A Successful Outage:

  • CS Energy contractor construction and COVID-19 workforce site induction.
  • Team interactive presentation on behavioural safety “Next Step” program – Eyes on Hands, Eyes on Path, Assess the Area, Line of Fire & Body Limits.
  • Safety Statement developed by the team and their sign-on to demonstrate their commitment to working safely.
  • Downer GM safety motivation speech to set the scene for the Solaft workforce before work commenced.
  • Individual correct process technique training delivered by the Supervisors on each process step for new starters.
  • Refresher process training for existing team members.
  • Solaft CS Energy 2 X 2 Personal Risk Assessment (PRA) training.
  • Daily Supervisor team member PRA individual risk control reviews conducted during permit sign-on.
  • Morning Toolbox talks and warm up stretches before starting work.
  • The Engage Labour Hire workforce being transformed into a high performance team through positive communication and correct work process reinforcement.
  • Next Step Icon behaviours identified by the Crib Room Teams on their A3 Laminated Sheets daily for safety behavioural activities – ‘What Went Well’ and ‘Even Better If’
  • Supervisor safety conversations held with team members during team and individual hydration breaks to keep safety front of mind.
  • The message of STOP and reassess when something does not go as planned being constantly reinforced by the Solaft Management Team.
  • The team members embracing the Next Step behaviours and taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their work mates.
  • Maintaining the team focus on the precursors to injury through conversations relating to – Rushing, Complacency and Fatigue etc.
  • High-risk activities such as crane lifts being controlled by the CS Energy Permit System.

“SOLAFT would like to thank CS Energy and the Downer Alliance for all their support in enabling our team to achieve an outstanding safety result for this outage”.

Robert Stevenson – SOLAFT Safety Officer

“Just a short note of appreciation from the Person in Charge of a Business Undertaking (PCBU) for your outstanding performance at the recent C4 outage at Callide power station. It proves that good things happen with great leadership”.

Brett Smith – General Manager Callide Power Station


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