Choosing the Right Industrial Filtration Solution

By Katie Kelly
October 30, 2015

3 Crucial Considerations You May Have Overlooked


The selection of industrial filtration solutions, be it dry filtration, wet filtration or water treatment, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. This choice can mean the difference between efficient operations with longer lasting equipment; and frequent, costly downtimes and replacements.

While it is important to consider the individual performance characteristics of each pressure filter, disc filter and filter bag, other factors can have a greater impact on your overall operations in the long run. Apart from performance, these are the things you shouldn’t overlook when choosing an industrial filtration solution in order to achieve and maintain the best wet filtration systems or dry filtration systems:

  • Innovation

SOLAFTtm Filtration Solutions has a strong legacy of innovation which continues today with an ongoing commitment to developing solutions that help customers achieve their goals. Our product development and technical teams are continuously designing different fabric and fibre constructions, different weave patterns, finishing and chemical treatments to provide innovative industrial filtration solutions that will perform at optimum levels at your facility.

  • Customisation

Custom solutions are often equated with higher costs, but more often than not, they are the more cost-effective option. Custom-engineered solutions are designed to help you reach optimum performance levels, and avoid pain points that are not as easy to elude with generic solutions. In the long run, they prove to be more efficient, longer lasting and give you better value for your money.

  • Expert support

The best systems don’t stay that way just by the use of quality filters. Though this is no doubt a significant contributory factor, equally as significant is having expert support. In order to ensure optimal performance of your operations at all times, it is ideal for the solutions you select to have professional technical support backing it up. Such support will give you not only valuable advice but also services that can better maintain and improve your systems, and lower operating costs.

Whether you’re looking for dry filtration, wet filtration or water treatment solutions, it’s important to also look at these three key considerations aside from looking at individual filter features.

When it comes to ticking all these boxes as well as providing the finest quality industrial filtration products, SOLAFT is the company you can trust. We produce a quality array of filtration fabrics and products, including filter bags, air slide media, pressure filters and vacuum filters. For the best custom filtration solutions, get in touch with us today.