Disc Filters

SOLAFT Disc Filters deliver outstanding performance in terms of separation efficiency, residual cake moisture, cake release and abrasion resistance, leading to reduced filter cloth changes and less downtime.

Advantages of SOLAFT Disc Filters
Disc filters
  • High filtration efficiency and throughput
  • Higher useful life with less change outs
  • Excellent cake release and cleaning
  • Individually tailored to your equipment and fabricated from laser cut media for precision fitting
  • Reduced media abrasion
Features and typical operating parameters of SOLAFT Disc Filters
Disc filters
  • Negative or positive pressure
  • Ambient to 80⁰C temperature
  • Typical feed 150-750g/L solids, 20-150μm
  • Typical target filtrate < 2g/L, < 1g/L is possible in some installations
  • Typical cake moisture is < 12-25%
  • Use blowback charge, reverse air and wash spray cake discharge
  • Typically use Polypropylene or Nylon media
  • Woven and needled media available
  • SOLAFT can assist with combating filtration issues such as low liquor flow rate, high filtrate solids, poor cake discharge, high cake moisture, scaling/blinding and media abrasion