DuraSlide™ is SOLAFT’s proprietary Air Slide media, which is constructed from heavy-duty needled fabric, and is used as the fluidising media in air gravity conveyors and silo bottoms.

Advantages of SOLAFT DuraSlide™ Media
DuraSlide™ - Airslide
  • Edges and punched holes are virtually self-sealing and they do not fray
  • Uniform permeability to allow an even flow distribution
  • Different ranges of permeability available for different applications
  • Rigid construction removes the need to stretch belts assisting installation while eliminating abrasion wear on the edges
  • No need to stretch the belt or use hot tools, silicon or other resins to seal the edges
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion when compared to woven (multifilament or spun yarn) media or other needled punched standard media
  • Available in aramid for high temperature and polyester for low temperature application
Features of SOLAFT Duraslide™
Airslide - DuraSlide™
  • There is no yarn layer exposed directly to the abrasion or impact of the material being conveyed, as happens with woven media
  • DuraSlide™ is chemically treated with special release agents to reduce blinding. Should a slide become wet or handle wet product, the media can normally be rejuvenated by lightly brushing with a coarse brush
  • In relation to cotton based airslide, polyester has better operational reliability in moist conditions due to reduced moisture absorption rates.
  • Available in widths up to 2100mm wide, and continuous lengths up to 50m
  • Permeability range – 0.12 to 5 cfm/ft2 @ 127 Pa
  • Weight range – 3355 to 4449 g/m2
  • Product moved via gravity with slopes as small as 2° – 6° below horizontal (depending on material characteristics)