Innovation - Lab photo


Innovation is a major driver of our business and key to our success. As a vertically integrated filtrations solutions provider, we have full control of all stages of the design and manufacturing process. This allows us to rapidly develop new and innovative filtration products to meet our customers’ needs.

Our product development and technical teams work closely with our customers to understand both the operating environment and their performance requirements. This knowledge allows us to design the innovative industrial filtration solutions that will perform at optimum levels at your facility.

As a result of this approach, very few of our filters are standard, with each design custom engineered to ensure customer results are met.

At SOLAFT Filtration Solutions we are continually looking for ways to improve our manufacturing process, products and services we offer to ensure we deliver innovative solutions to our customers. We never stop developing, even when we have a winning idea we are constantly investigating what improvements can be made to address ever-changing process demands.

We have engineers and technical staff around the world, who work closely with our clients to find solutions and innovation to their concerns and issues.

Key to our approach is the research and development program driven by our technical staff in laboratories in Australia, Brazil and China. These dedicated teams work together to not only find optimal operational solutions for our customers, but also to proactively meet the ever-evolving environmental and regulatory requirements facing our industries.

Some of the Innovative Solutions we have provided are: