We are proud to deliver tailored solutions to small and large producers in a number of industries.

We understand filtration and recognise the many critical roles it plays to any business. With our strict quality control standards, dedicated experts and precision technology, you can be assured we can deliver the best filtration solution for you under any operating condition.

Industrial - Metals & Smelting

Metals & Smelting

SOLAFT’s Metal and Smelting industry experience and technical capabilities has resulted in a broad range of high performance filter media to withstand the harsh high temperatures, hazardous chemicals and dusts. This is a vital component in meeting the emissions control demands in the heavily regulated industry.

Industrial - Waste Water plant

Waste Water

SOLAFT has developed a customised approach to engineering filter media for each of our customers, recognising that process requirements vary significantly dependent upon the waste stream. The tailored filter media removes physical contaminants to produce an environmentally safe solid waste suitable for disposal or reuse.

Industrial - Coal Processing

Coal Processing

SOLAFT supplies premium filtration media to some of the world’s largest Coal Processors for wet and dry filtration process applications, including dewatering, dust extraction and fluidised bed transfer systems.

General Manufacturing - Industrial filter application

General Manufacturing

SOLAFT understands that controlling dust to protect staff and the environment, whilst minimising downtime is an important balance for any manufacturer. SOLAFT uses a wide range of polymers, and develops products from the yarn through to patented special finishes to provide a range of filter bags and belts for a number of manufacturing industries

Industrial filter application - Cement plant


SOLAFT has developed a range of needled and woven media filters in the cement industry to allow plants to meet industry and EPA requirements. SOLAFT is involved in the whole process, from the kilns, clinker coolers, finish mills, raw mills, material handling and product bagging systems.

Steel Industry - Industrial filter application


SOLAFT have developed high performance filter media specifically designed to maintain the strict contamination control and high cleanliness standards required by the Steel Industry.


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