Pan Filters

SOLAFT Pan Filters are tailored to multiple applications dependent upon particle size and required filtration flow rate, and are precision laser-cut to allows fabrication under highest quality.

Advantages of SOLAFT Pan Filters
Pan filters fabrics
  • Strict quality control to ensure filters are manufactured with precision fabrication
  • High cake-washing efficiency
  • Tailored to accommodate multiple applications
Features and typical operating parameters of SOLAFT Pan Filters
Pan filters photo
  • Vacuum pressure operation
  • Ambient to 80⁰C temperature
  • Typical feed 20-40% w/w solids, 50-150µm
  • Typical target filtrate < 10g/L
  • Typical cake moisture is < 5-10%
  • Used water weirs to wash the cake
  • Typically use Polypropylene or Nylon media
  • Available in different media weave styles, wire diameters and widths
  • SOLAFT can assist with combating filtration issues which includes liquor pooling, high filtrate solids, reduced cake washing effectiveness, process liquor recovery levels, scaling/blinding, media abrasion