Vacuum Filter Belts and Belt Press Filters

SOLAFT Filtration is a leader in innovative design, production and sales of filter belts for both belt press filter machines and vacuum belt filter machines.

Advantages of SOLAFT Vacuum Filter Belts and Belt Press Filters
belt filters fabric
  • Highly experienced application and design engineers, focused on providing customised technical support and assistance
  • A complete range of fabrics, including monofilament, multifilament, combination mono-multifilament, combination monofilament-staple fibres, combination multifilament-staple fibres, both single and 2-layer designs, and other innovative structures designed for press belts or vacuum belt filter press machines
  • Designed to maximise particle retention with optimum liquor flow rate, cake moisture, cake release and washing properties
  • SOLAFT’s extensive application experience in industries such as flotation concentrates (coal, copper, iron, zinc), phosphoric rock and phosphoric acid, potash, rare earth mineral, mine tailings, titanium dioxide, flue gas desulfurisation, fly ash, waste water and more
Features of SOLAFT Vacuum Filter Belts and Belt Press Filters
Vaccum Belt Filter
  • Filter belt products offering reliability in filtration by using strong woven fabrics, adapting the correct pore size to the application and providing resistance to heavy filter cakes and abrasive slurries
  • A range of metallic or polymeric belt joining seams that resist corrosion which are designed to suit the chemical conditions of the application
  • Application dependent filter media finishes to ensure optimal filter dimensional stability, belt tracking and maximum filter cake release
  • Broad range of polymeric filter media custom designed for specific industrial applications
  • Installation ancillaries such as belt leaders that ensure ease and timeliness of belt installation