Vertical Tower Press Belts

SOLAFT custom designs its Vertical Tower Press Belts, which are made from very heavy duty filter media with low permeability and are woven on heavy duty weaving loom

Advantages of SOLAFT Vertical Tower Press Belts
Larox belt with clipper - vertical tower press filter
  • Optimised throughput and clarity
  • Excellent cake release and resistance to blinding
  • Lower percentage of solids in filtrate
  • Reduced media abrasion
  • Strong resistance to blinding
FEATURES OF SOLAFT Vertical Tower Press Belt
Larox - vertical tower press filter
  • 800 to 1700 kPa pressure
  • 25-100oC temperature
  • Feed liquor with low concentrations of very fine particles
  • Require very low permeability media
  • Typically Polypropylene or Polyester media
  • Use high tenacity yarn combinations including monofilament, multifilament, and spun yarn
  • Weight range – 580 to 1650 g/m2
  • SOLAFT can assist with combating filtration issues which include high cake moisture, low liquor flow rate, high filtrate solids, poor cake release, belt stretching, media blinding, media abrasion.