Alumina Solutions

Since 1968, we have been servicing the Alumina Industry, and we pride ourselves on being the best specialist solutions provider to the world’s leading Alumina companies.

Our capability and knowledge around refining Bauxite and delivering high quality Alumina is extensive. We have a long and successful history of delivering credible and timely solutions.

Our success is based on working collaboratively with on-site engineers and other on-site stakeholders to understand the operational priorities and then deliver customised filtration media to address these priorities. Key to this is the ability adapt each trial to suit the unique operating conditions to ensure success in production. We are happy to share our knowledge with you, and offer advice on process improvements or solutions to issues you are facing.

Some of the Alumina solutions we have delivered include:

The best way to see what we can do for you is to contact us and arrange a trial with our technical specialists.

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