Drum Filters

SOLAFT Drum Filter Media offer excellent separation, and are tailored to ensure superior fit and performance.

The advantages of SOLAFT Drum Filters
Drum filters fabrics
  • High filtration efficiency and throughput
  • Excellent cake release and cleaning
  • Individually tailored to your equipment and fabricated from laser cut media for precision fitting
  • Reduced media abrasion
Features and typical operating parameters of SOLAFT Drum Filters
Drum filters Photos
  • Vacuum pressure operation
  • Ambient to 80oC temperature
  • Typical feed 20-40% w/w solids
  • Typical cake moisture is < 45%
  • Used water sprays to wash the cake
  • Excellent solid recovery
  • Typically use Polypropylene or Nylon media
  • Combat filtration issues such as low liquor flow rate, high filtrate solids, poor cake discharge, high cake moisture, scaling/blinding and media abrasion
  • Woven or needle punched in structure and are supplied as panels or travelling belts