Exhaust Gas Filtration is a highly efficient method of filtration which involves the use of various filter bags to capture solid particles from gas streams. These particles can include dust, soot, fumes, and other harmful contaminants generated during industrial processes. By removing these pollutants effectively, exhaust gas filtration products help ensure compliance with stringent environmental regulations and help maintain sustainable manufacturing practices for the future.

Solaft’s extensive range of Exhaust Gas Filtration products stretch across sectors such as Aluminium, Alumina, Energy, Steel, and more. Solaft products can treat gas streams up to 280 °C and deliver emission outcomes as low as 1 mg / m3.

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  • Broad range of synthetic filter media available.
  • Engineered for optimal mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance.
  • Customised balance of high capture and low differential pressure products.
  • Seamless cuff seals, sealed sewing, and PTFE membranes available.
  • Emissions <5mg/Nm³ regularly achievable without membranes.

Pulse Jet Filter Bag

  • Available in mild steel, galvanised steel, and stainless steel.
  • Finish options include high temperature epoxy and zinc plated.
  • Wide range of cage joins to suit your requirements.
  • Round, oval, Star cages and PrimaFlow™ cages all made in house.
  • Robust shipping crates to protect high quality cages and maximise shipping loads.

Filter Cages

  • Engineered with high permeability robust non-woven media.
  • Maximises both particulate collection and reverse air cleaning efficiency.
  • Robust anti-collapse ring design.
  • Low elongation structure even under high tensile load.
  • Can be supplied with rope, caps, clamps, hoop steel, hooks, and bolts.

Reverse Air Filter Bags

  • Standard and customised filter media available.
  • Largest and longest standing customer references.
  • Available for a broad range of industries.
  • Engineered to withstand the rigours of mechanical shaking.
  • Can be supplied with tab top, loop top or cap top designs.

Shaker Filter Bag

StarBag™ and StarCage™


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