Horizontal Press Filters

SOLAFT Filtration is a leader in innovative design, production and sales of filter cloths for press filter machines.

Advantages of SOLAFT Horizontal Press Filters
Horizontal Press Filters fabrics
  • Highly experienced application and design engineers providing customised technical support and assistance
  • Each product is designed to maximise particle retention with optimum liquor flow rate, cake moisture, cake release and washing properties.
  • Excellent strength and dimensional stability
  • Reduced downtime due to superior fit and design
Features of SOLAFT Horizontal Press Filters
Red Mud Residue Filtration
  • Broad range of polymeric filter media custom designed for specific industrial applications including:
    • Monofilament, multifilament, combination mono-multifilament, combination monofilament-staple fibres, combination multifilament-staple fibres, both single and 2-layer designs and other innovative structures
  • Metallic or polymeric eyelets to provide strong anchor points that resist corrosion
  • Easy use Velcro fasteners
  • Different types of fabric or rubber barrel necks to resist chemical or abrasive environments
  • Edge sealing and boss head reinforcing done with chemical coating or fabric reinforcement to avoid leakage and abrasion from cake drop
  • Strong, high liquor flow backing cloths to increase liquor drainage and operating lifetime of the filter cloth
  • Industrial applications include
    • Alumina red mud de-liquoring, coal tailings, minerals concentrates and mines tailings (iron, copper, lead, zinc, gold and silver), cement wash bays, mineral sands, gypsum, kaolin & clay, lithium, rare earth metals, titanium dioxide and liquid waste
  • SOLAFT can assist with combating filtration issues such as low liquor flow rate, high filtrate solids, poor cake discharge, high cake moisture, scaling and media abrasion